Behind the make-up are ugly scars

Behind the smile; the saddest heart and,

Behind the seeming warm heart is a wall that is as cold as ice and as hard as steel.

We all have stories similar to this and I do too…well I did until this morning, (The 21st of November, 2016.)

Unforgiveness is indeed a prison for the victim of hurt and pain but you should not remain there for too long. This is because if you don’t allow God to release you, you will one day wake up, look in the mirror and not recognize yourself. Because you have died a thousand deaths and more because of the suffering, oppression, betrayal and rejection you experienced, each time you wake form this “death of your being and character” you lose a big chunk of both.

Prophet. T. B. Joshua since December 31st, 2015 till date repeatedly encouraged us to overlook offence and forgive. He continuously prayed that God releases us from deep hurt…I did pray but it was not from my heart. I wanted the perpetrators to feel the pain I have had to endure over the years, I wanted them to beg for mercy and when I realize it might not happen anytime soon or at all, my heart hardened further thus messing with my relationship with God.

Over the years, I have been through emotional roller coasters and a mind that was tired of feeling pain of endless betrayal and rejection. Many at times my prayer was simply “I don’t want to hurt anymore,” but the pain persisted each time I get hurt by people I love, respect and cherish. These are Christians too and so should know better. Don’t get fooled…Christians or not, people will be people and the devil will use them to hit you where it hurts the most.