There has been so many teachings on singles waiting to get married; those who want to find that man or woman they will love “till death do us part.” Marriage is beautiful and something to look forward to despite so many bad unions going terribly wrong. All we can do as singles is to wait upon the lord and work on ourselves as we wait…wait prayerfully, develop your strengths further and work on your weaknesses.

I will be taking you through one of the messages by one of my fathers in the Lord, Dr. Olukoya. I will be sharing them little by little because they are a lot, so that we could take time to study them and apply them prayerfully.


  1. Shameless dressing attracts shameless partners.
  • You must cover your nakedness not expose it
  • Women who dress loosely will attract lustful men
  1. You enter into a covenant with whoever dis-virgins you.
  • You enter into a blood covenant with the man that dis-virgins you. This is why you must maintain your virginity till you marry because the man that dis-virgins you has a big role to play in your life. Fornication can cause marital delay
  • The spiritual content of the man that dis-virgins you is very important. If he is loose sexually you will become loose; If he is evil, evil will be in you.
  • If this covenant is not broken, it transfers to your children. This is why it is important to go through deliverance otherwise your children too will have children out of wedlock.

PRAYER: Every evil blood covenant- break in the name of Jesus.

  1. A real man will never ask for sex outside marriage.
  • You have not found a partner yet if all their agenda is sex.
  1. The time you spend with wrong people is destiny wasted
  • If your major friends are smokers, drunkards and the like, you are slowly wasting your destiny

PRAYER: My destiny shall not be wasted in Jesus’ name.

  1. Do not marry from where you are coming from, marry from where you are going.
  • That is, marry someone who will take you to your destiny, not someone or a man you are begging to pray.
  • Marry a man whose prayer life will challenge you.
  • If you are in a relationship with someone who is allergic to prayers, you better run. He or she likes kissing, petting, necking, and legging but does not like prayer- you have not found a real husband / wife.
  • Have your purpose before your partner; that is marry a man that will help you fulfill your purpose.
  • Do not marry someone from your tribe, town, former University or village (don’t make it a must.)


Please share your thoughts on this because two are better than one. There is always something more to learn. God bless you.