This is a continuation of the powerful and educative message by Dr. Olukoya of Mountain of fire and Miracles Ministries on singles preparing for marriage. Be blessed as you read on. Feel free to comment and share your wisdom.

6. Pressures and anxiety are intelligent robbers making people to embrace counterfeit and substitutes

  • Your parents are putting pressures on you, “go and marry.” If you allow that pressure to get to you, you will miss it.

PRAYER: May you not marry a counterfeit; may you not marry a counterfeit wife and may you not marry a substitute in the name of Jesus

7. When a courtship is violent, it is a pointer that the marriage would become a time bomb.

  • If during court the man is giving you a dirty slap, after the wedding he will give you a stinking slap.
  • If he is smoking during courtship, he will be promoted to marijuana after marriage.

8. It is the duty of the man to find and propose not the lady.

  • You cannot go to a man and say “excuse me, I’ve been dreaming of you- I see you in my dreams a lot- I think we should marry.”
  • When you propose to a man- you cheapen yourself and become a disgrace to womanhood. Proverbs 18:22.

9. Pay good attention to your appearance

  • You are a young lady, don’t dress like a grandmother.
  • The fact that you are going to a Pentecostal, deliverance and praying church does not mean you should dress haggardly.
  • Don’t wear clothes that don’t match. Some brothers wear suit and then put on slippers. Don’t just buy clothes anywhere; don’t sew oversize clothes
  • Wisdom is profitable to direct; sometimes it is what you put on that put some people off. While not encouraging worldliness, you must be neatly dressed.
  • If you sweat too much-use perfume; if your mouth smells-use mouth wash.
  • You do not have a second chance to make a first impression. People see you before they hear you. The way you dress determines the way you will be addressed.

10. It is spiritual insanity to plan on converting someone so that you can marry them.

  • You cannot convert someone- you do not have the power to change people.

PRAYER: May you not be spiritually insane.