A mother is said to be a reflection of God’s love: a woman that puts her children and others above herself; one who must sacrifice so that the children God has placed in her care are well taken care of and raised in God’s way; one who is loving, gentle and courageous.

A mother must make her children smile and her home one of joy even if she’s crying and broken inside;
A mother must feed her children before herself;
She must be a prayer warrior who shields her children;
She must be firm yet full of compassion and forgiveness;
She must put her house in order spiritually, physically and emotionally.

I salute mothers who go hungry for their children;
I salute mothers who did and are doing jobs society does not see as dignifying to put food on the table;
I salute mothers who make their homes a place of peace, love, joy even when storms are raging all around them;
I praise mothers who try daily to meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of their children;
I praise mothers who make the Lord their trust and lead their children to do same.

Motherhood is a calling that is like walking on hot coals while carrying raw eggs.
Motherhood is a gift that no one is born with but must grow and develop into, to successfully raise the next generation.

I fear being a mother for I am short tempered,
I fear being a mother for I have a heart that is easily broken
I dread being a mother for I am emotionally unstable
I fear being a mother because I don’t want to lose my youthful looks
I really dread being a mother because I might hurt my children emotionally and physically.

I dread being called a mother while the one who calls is afraid of me
I am afraid of becoming a mother because my love might change and turn to indifference if my child becomes difficult
I terribly fear to have children as I’m not sure I can love them as they deserve.
I am afraid of being a mother because I have a possessive love

I don’t want to be a mother because I am inadequate and fall short of the qualities of this unique and great human.


Many women say this and I am not exempted. Many are living this reality and fall short but God makes beauty out of ashes and can transform anyone into His likeness. There is so much pressure to become a Proverbs 31 Woman but as much as she is a good role model for mothers and wives, Christ is the ultimate standard and should be our inspiration to becoming like Him. Fear the Lord and He will give you wisdom to be a great mother (Proverbs 1:7 & Proverbs 31:30.)

Being a mother requires one to have love that is unconditional and heart that is strong and perseveres. If you feel you have gone too far in being a “great” mother, you can become who God wants you to be in the life of the children God gave you. Today, you can choose life by asking God to help you overcome your weaknesses and grant you the grace to overcome your fears.

God’s strength is made perfect in our weaknesses so let us go to the throne of mercy and ask for help and wisdom to raise Godly children.

Are your children going off course or becoming wayward even after your careful and Godly upbringing? Surrender them to God and He will deliver them for they are His too.

Do you feel you are trapped in a bad relationship or marriage and are taking the hurt and resentment you have against your significant other out on your children? Ask the Lord Jesus to forgive you and ask him to fix your relationship as well as give you peace in the storm (Philippians 4:6-7.)

Whatever your motherhood challenge might be, take it up to God to help. If you must seek Godly counsel, do so with the Holy Spirit’s leading. Remember, Jesus said that we should call upon Him and He will answer us and show us great and mighty things we do not know (Jeremiah 33:3.)

Take heart no matter what you are facing. Jesus is alive. Jesus is aware of your strengths and weaknesses, so let him continue to drive the vehicle of your life. With Him as your Destiny Driver, you can never fail. Blessed Mother’s Day.