Shalom and Emmanuel. God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

It has been my desire to share some of my literary works on this platform and I did so with one of my poems (PROMISES) Now, I will be introducing one of my novels that I just published on Wattpad (It makes a writer work extra hard, believe me.) right here on “Walking In Christ’s Will.” 

I will share the synopsis today along with the temporary cover for the book until it fully comes to life on the big screen someday (Thank you Jesus.) So here is STOLEN PARADISE.

paradise 3



What happens when your carefully planned life comes crumbling down? Funmilola Olarenwaju had her life planned out…owner of two orphanages and a top class restaurant; single and NOT AVAILABLE!!! Brought up in a Christian home with God’s love in her heart, she believed only God has the final say in her marital plans or so she thought.

Her parents had betrothed her to the son of another powerful family, Attorney Antonio Babalola who already was in relationship with someone he wished to marry. Clashes are inevitable as Funmi and Antonio rejected the arranged marriage. On the night of her home coming from a charity work in China, her engagement to Antonio was announced.

He is a church goer not a Christian and she refuses to marry someone who was not committed to the Lord. An almost tragedy at the Babalola’s mansion will change Funmilola’s mind which will catapult her into a stormy marriage with the unfaithful and now bitter Antonio…😊😉😫

The battle between the love of his life 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 and his legal wife 👰…what is God saying? Will Funmi suffer like the Biblical Leah trapped in a marriage she never wanted? Or like Leah, have cause to praise God in the pit of adversity?

Can you believe that although Leah (Jacob’s wife in the Bible) featured in one of the chapters of Stolen Paradise, it is only now, I mean NOW that God is showing me the similarity between her and Funmi. I’m asking myself, “why have I only just realised it?” I need to listen more to abba!!!

That Aside…

Another new idea that I will be publishing on WCW (Walking in Christ’s Will) is … (drumrolls please) a series that was birthed early this year. It will be a form of journaling my experiences as always single Christian girl about to reach the BIG 30. This is to encourage as well as inspire singles that there is life before tying that special knot and it must be explored fully to God’s glory. This series will be titled “Nae Sarang” (Korean language) which translates to “My Love.”

You might be asking yourself, “why is it in an Asian language when you are Nigerian?” I don’t know either except that I know I love the Korean language and even dreamed once to marry a Korean guy (blame it all on my over indulgence in K-Dramas, movies and almost everything else from the Phillipines, Japan, India, China and Taiwan!) That is a story for another day! Whew!

So, share with others and look out for this new baby. Every post about it will have this identification; #NS (Nae Sarang). So, keep these all in your prayers and may God’s perfect Will prevail and His name glorified.

Good Morning.